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The Maths Exams.

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The Maths Exams. Empty The Maths Exams.

Post  Jake Wed Apr 13, 2011 3:15 pm

Today first Maths Exam of the year

20 Students, took part in the Maths Exam, that was based on Algebra and times tables.
Below you will see the ranking board below. Steve with a staggering result of 21/20, as he noticed the bonus question within the exam test paper, giving him the overall score of 21/20.

1) Steve with 21/20.
2) Jon.
3) Tamara
4) Gemma.
5) Jasmine.
6) Johnny.
7) Samantha.
8 ) Alex.
9) Tori.
10) Dwayne.

[If your name is not included here, message me in Habb0 for it to be added, thankyou.]


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