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Post  SamSam Fri Apr 08, 2011 7:16 pm

Richard Stock
Richard Stock was born and raised in America. Orlando, Florida to be exact, his parents O'Reilly Stock and Maria Stock raised him from birth. They lived in a house on a hill with a ocean view, they were a very rich family, the house was a 7 story with 12 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, and 5 living rooms. Richard lived a relatively happy life with his family, dog, Mr. Stock and his girlfriend, Sabrina. The daily routine of getting up to a sunny day, readying himself for school, playing with his dog for a little and taking him out on walks, and finally arriving to all his friends. All that broke on the Summer of Monday. Richard was minding his own, walking through the halls, but then a new local bully walks up to him, pushing him roughly and yelling at him for his lunch money and all that jazz. Richard refused, so the bully swung at Richard like a Gorilla! Richard was able to dodge it just in time, but since Richard was known for his temper, he fumed up inside. He tackled the bully down, beating upon the bully's face without regard of the consequences. Richard left him with a broken nose, shattered jaw and a permanent twitch. His family was sued for 12,000 dollars for medical bills. His parents decided to send him away to his Uncle "Huckabuck" down by Missouri. Richard refused to leave his friends behind, they had to force Richard out by force, the police. They shipped him off to his uncle. As he arrived to Missouri he saw a flier on the lamp post for a school far away from there. He asked his uncle if he could enroll there, they agreed... Richard set off that night, not before eating breakfast. He arrived into the school very new, but currently found himself with tons of new friends

That is the story of the ever so talented Mr. Stock
P.S. He loves biscuits!


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