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The Freemans.

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The Freemans. Empty The Freemans.

Post  Scott Freeman Thu Apr 28, 2011 3:01 am

Leader: Scott Freeman, Mac Freeman, Morgan Freeman.

Underboss: Josh Freeman.

All those that have opposed the Freeman have pretty much been beaten down.

To join, ask the leader or the underboss.


Started of with Freeman brothers, Scott Freeman making his stamp on the school pretty much from the start as a fighter, being the current Heavyweight champion in boxing.

The Freemans had a steady gang, then when the members betrayed Scott, Scott called his brothers and his brothers arrived at the school, beating down the leader then the leader joining into the Freemans. The Freemans next enemy was the Messiahs, the Messiahs surrendered to the Freemans.

And now the Freemans destroy anybody in their path, the Freemans wait for a new challengue to arise, if any will.

To join, ask one of the leaders or the underboss, or talk to a gang member to introduce you.

Scott Freeman

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