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Gossip Girl - Edition#2

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Gossip Girl - Edition#2 Empty Gossip Girl - Edition#2

Post  GossipGirl Fri Apr 22, 2011 10:47 am

Gossip Girl - Edition#2 Gg-log11
Gossip Girl here, your one and only source of the scandalous live's of St.Lester's elite's.

Today I would like to put out a full blast on someone and that someone is Jasmine Costello.

Jasmine Costello in my opinion is nothing but a weakling I heard you had a crush on Oscar if i'm wrong and then sources told me you had another crush on Chris (who is supposedly kristen rhodes boyfriend.) Wow might I say, your quite the charming slut. Idk what would make kristen give up her title as queen to someone who can't even manage to NOT dress like a whore half of the time or even manage to be classy for once, you know what they say label's do us well & label's stick. I know i should be the last one talking or in this case blogging about "Label's" but I only do it for you. Take great look at your "Future Ruler" St.Lester's but first one quick question.

Are you gonna really let this take over your school?

Gossip Girl - Edition#2 Habbon10

Uh-oh looks like I just started a war, and this one is pointed at you little J.

xoxo, you know your love me -GossipGirl


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