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Meet De' Nash's.

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Meet De' Nash's. Empty Meet De' Nash's.

Post  Bradley-Lints Fri Apr 15, 2011 3:42 am

Part 1: We are a family.. a family of different fighting styles like - kick boxing - boxing - and MMA etc. My name is Joseph Nash and I'm the best boxer around these parts - but what people don't know is that the family doesn't aim on one thing! We all train on practically the same things, we train all the fighting styles really. Time for the Nash's to kick some ass in this place, you see a Nash you respect a Nash and if you don't we will pound the word respect into your face. My two favorite brothers Trevor and Ken are with me all the way but they know that i can stick up for my self. So people you have Met De' Nash's in dis book but have you met us in the real-world. (to be continued)

(my brother done this, he was meant to be on his nash account)


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