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Post  Bradley-Lints Tue Apr 12, 2011 6:32 am

History: Bradley Was Born In Paris, France. He Was Raised In Russia, Spain, Uraguay And Argentina. By His 3 Mothers And Father. His Father Divorced Many Times And It Was Rough For Bradley. He Enjoyed School, Moslty In Spain. He Met A Girl Called Christine, Who Was American And Currently Working In Spain. He Liked Her Alot And They Spent Everyday Together. Then It Happened.. One Night He Found Christine, Dead In A Back Alley. He Was Gobsmacked And Horrified From This, So He Left Spain To Go To His Auntie Lisa In New York. Who Decided To Make Him Find A School, Far Away, Or Close. Then He Found St.Kinglsey And He Bullies Most People For The Death Of Christine And Wants To Exact Revenge On Anyone. He Doesn't Care For Others And Will NEVER Get Another Girlfriend In His Life.
R.I.P Christine R.I.P


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