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Arabella Pentium.

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Arabella Pentium. Empty Arabella Pentium.

Post  Jaspiner Sun Apr 10, 2011 8:27 pm

Arabella Drew Pentium Is A Straight A Student, She Was Born Into A Extremly Rich Family In Canada, But After Years Of Torture And Abuse, Ara, Her Twin Sister Pheonix, And Mother Miya Moved To England, Unfortantly Their Abusive And Violent Father Followed Them, Thus Murdering Their Mother In A Grusome Fit Of Rage, And Leaving Arabella Deaf, Her Father Was Arrested And, She Now Attends The School With Her Twin Sister, Though They Resemble Eachother, They Have Oppersite, Clashing Personalities.

Arabella Is A silent Type Due Do Her Loss Of Hearing And Deathly Past, But There's Also Something About Her, A Dark Twisted Quality, You Never Know She May Not Be So Innocent After All, She Is Known For Acting Out In Times Of Rage But This Is A Very Rare Side To Her. She Is Known For Her Elegance And Formal Sence Of Dressing With A Long Silver Pendant As A Know Symbol Of Her Past, She Has Vibrant Electric Blue Eyes, Crimson Lips, Pale White Skin And Redish Toned Long Hair, She Seems To Be Strangly Beautiful And Is Very Tall. Her Voice Is Also Considered Very Odd As It Is A Strong Femine British Accent With A Slight Stutter, But She Only Seems To Speak In A Whisper Like Tone, She Is Very Intelligant, And Knows How To Lip Read, Play Piano And Saxaphone, Commincate In Sign Language And Harnesses The Ability To Speak Many Of The Known Languages In The World Fluently.

Not Many People Know About Ara's Past As She Tends To Keep To Herself, She Wears A Long Sleeved Blue Jacket To Cover Her Scars And Hides The Fact She Still Is A Victim Of Depression And Has Tried To Commit Sucicide Twice, She May Want To Hide These Things, But Her Sister Tends To Spoil Her Mysterious Past For Her. She Has Alot Of Trouble Trusting People And Accepting Them Into Her Life, She Is Usually Found In Her Own Solitude, Wether That Be On The School Grounds Or In The Abandoned Manor In Which She Lives, Filled With Hundreds Of Books And Scripts To Keep Her Entertained.[/b][/i][/i][img][/img]

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