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Post  Cate Sun Apr 10, 2011 3:22 pm

Her full name Being Catelyn Momo McCann, and her coming from a a bit of a abusive family, she can usually take hits well. From her brothers doing the gross things, to the mean things, like sitting on her so she can't get up, or ripping apart her teddy bear when she was 5 right in front of her. She had developed a caring, but strong mind. She often would dress in jeans due to her being a bit of a tom boy, but occasionally will wear a skirt or short shorts in the spring and summer. She comes from New York, leaving her family behind, she enrolled into St Lester looking for a new start, because she was bullied harshly in the school she had went too. Due to the bullying she learned to just shut up when told, so, oftentimes when she is told to shut up she just says "Fine" and will usually ignore you. She is 4'11 and a half. Yes, not very tall, and not very heavy. She is a bit of a heavy sleeper, but other than that is pretty "elegant" meaning, she can actually pay attention. Speaking of elegant, that is one thing she is not when is comes to balance. She is probably so clumsy, she could fall UP stairs Embarassed .

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