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♚The Queens♚

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Post  Radric Barnes Fri Apr 08, 2011 7:52 pm

I call a ally-ship.
Radric Barnes
Radric Barnes

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Post  ♚KristenRhodes♚ Fri Apr 08, 2011 7:48 pm

The Queens

The Queens are a clique of high standards and society,they are basically snobby snot nosed rich kids who love charging money on their daddies credit card, making other people feel low about themselves because of their own self-esteem, And they are really evil.They love to throw big banquet partys and charity gala's to show off how much money the other has in order to gain high status and become more popular and throw big cotillion balls to practice social skills and good graces in order to apply these to the real world and achieve or become more successful in life (off of their parents welfare.)

The Leader

The leader is Kristen Rhodes, a straight A honor roll student that lives in 90210 a.k.a Beverly Hills but now lives in the great dorms of St. Lesters Academy. Her favorite things to do is watch over other Tyrants to assure they don't cause trouble & make sure people feel bad about themselves,which she thrives off of doing. Other than being a straight bitch all of the time or a typical mean girl she is making sure people bow down to her and embrace her power over them (which she is constantly remind them...)And she basically gets what she wants wether she has her minions do her dirty work or she does it herself and will make sure no one will get in her way.

♚The Queens♚ Mean-Girls

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