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The Cliques.

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The Cliques. Empty Re: The Cliques.

Post  Wesley Chestshire Thu Apr 07, 2011 3:52 am

Add The kingz under the queen, coz they're basically the same meanign there basically a clique not a gang

Wesley Chestshire

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The Cliques. Empty The Cliques.

Post  Medon Wed Apr 06, 2011 2:36 pm

Lets take a little look at our Cliques,
A Musician- They love music, some off them know how to play gauitar, others know how to play a saxophone.
A Jock- Football? Soccer? Futbol? What ether they play, they love it.
A Nerd- They are not always weak, but the Nerd are Like Average Joes, but are more Intellegent, and have more intrests.
A Prep- The rich people, always seen with the new technolgy, new clothes and such,
A Queen/King- The richer people, they bitch about stuff, basically looking down at other people
Average Joe- The Kind of Average people, they're not that smart, not that sporty, not that rich, not into music that much.
Ghetto Boy/Girl- These people are quite " Hard" they usually bully there way into what they want.
Dancer- Dancers love the Art of Dancing, Street dancing to Tap dancing.

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