Bit of a love triangle? - THE GRAPEVINE

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Bit of a love triangle? - THE GRAPEVINE

Post  Jasmine-416 on Thu Apr 21, 2011 9:47 am

Hey, this is the start of a new thing called The Grapevine which'll be posts to keep you in the loop with the gossip at St Lesters. If you ever have any gossip, please message me on here or Habbo and tell me who it concerns and what the gossip is. And NO, I am not GossipGirl.

Anyway, first piece of news - Oscar Eject and Sam Gibson back together after a short break up, unfortunately, it appears that another lady has her eye on oscar. Considering Oscar's wandering eye was the cause of the breakup, this can't be that good.

On the left is Nina Newton, the girl with her eye on Oscar according to rumours. The girl on the right is Sam Gibson, Oscar's current girlfriend.

So, what's gonna happen? Will Oscar stray again? If he did, would Sam give him another chance?

Keep tuned into The Grapevine for any upcoming gossip!

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